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Michele Lancione
71 min

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Michele Lancione is an urban geographer and ethnographer interested in issues of marginality and diversity, homelessness, activism, and visual methodologies. Having gained his PhD from Durham University, Michele worked at DIST (Turin), UTS (Sydney) and the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge. He is now permanent Lecturer in Human Geography at Cardiff University. Michele produces documentaries based around his in-depth ethnographic works with marginalised communities, with the aim to bridge the divide between academic work and the general public.

Accordingly to Amnesty International, in Romania ‘the right to housing is not effectively recognized or protected by national legislation’ and Roma people are ‘disproportionally affected’ by forced evictions. A început ploaia is the first feature documentary narrating the full history of, and reasons behind, this continuous harassment and displacement. The film follows the story of the Vulturilor 50 community of Bucharest (100 individuals), whom dwelt on the street for two years in order to fight against the eviction from their home.

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