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Anna Witte, Josefien van Kooten
annawitte@gmx.de josephine.van.kooten@gmail.com
26 min

About author

Since their film study at the art academy, Anna Witte and Josefien van Kooten are working together on making documentaries. In their films they search for issues with social importance, and are always striving to find their own creative ways of telling stories through images and concept. At the moment Anna Witte is finishing her masters at the University of Humanistic.

Good People” is an ego-documentary in which two documentary-makers try to find their own position concerning a world problem. Confronted with suffering, acute needs and requests for help from countless refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos, Anna Witte and Josefien van Kooten research the role of media, which they themselves are part of. In an essayist manner the film reflects on how the documentation of social problems takes place and the borders that are crossed in the process.

Copyright 2017.

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