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Alesandra Tatić, Zoe Aiano
alesandratatic@gmail.com e.z.aiano@gmail.com
60 min

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Alesandra Tatić - graduated in sociology and anthropology at the University of Sorbonne, Paris. She is an MA candidate in social anthropology at CEU in Budapest, specializing migration and refugee issues concerning objects of affect. Currently she is working on a documentary project on female sexual pleasure among Budapest’s sex workers and strippers; as well as on a long-run visual research in occultism and industrial anthropology in Eastern Serbia. Generally she is searching for innovative ways of expressing anthropological findings through documentary film and photography. Otherwise, probably roaming around flea markets in search of old cameras. Eluned Zoë Aiano - a filmmaker, video editor and translator with a background in Visual Anthropology, specialised in Central and Eastern Europe. Her work often addresses topics such as the relationship between individuals and their surrounding environment, the recontextualisation of tradition in contemporary culture and the dissemination of ideas. She is particularly interested in exploring the social implications and possibilities of filmmaking practice and media consumption. She is also a regular contributor to the East European Film Bulletin.

As the bright colours from the glory days of the 1960s slowly fade in Majdanpek, Eastern Serbia, daily life centres around the mine. As one of the oldest in Europe and the only source of employment, the supremacy of the mine remains unchallenged despite the harm it causes both its workers and the surrounding environment. The predominantly Vlach population refuses to let its spirit be cowed by the hardships of Post-Socialist reality, however, and continues to celebrate the local countryside and community, combining spiritual reverence and good humour. Dragan Hunt explores the conflicts between nature and industry, tradition and modernity, focussing on the family of Dragan Marković, a miner by day but a dragon hunter by night.

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