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Viviana Brkarić, Valter Stojšić
41 min

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Viviana Brkarić (1969.) is an economist, but for the last ten years works on projects concerning intangible cultural heritage. She works on documentary projects as a producer, director and screenwriter. Valter Stojšić (1959.) is a graphics designer, a member of Croatian Freelance Artist Association. He is the author, editor and photographer with two monographies published, author of single and joint exhibitions. For the last ten years, Stojšić is the author of the visual identity of Rijeka Carnival. He is a co-author of a few documentaries, as well.

The story of contraband is brought to us by narrators, they are presenting live memories of the times when local community saw an opportunity for survival in smuggling murchandise from duty-free zone in Kvarner province.

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