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Istrian Film Day, 27th of April at ETNOFILm

In cooperation with IKA (Istrian Cultural Agency), ETNOFILm dedicates its first day to films by local authors and those filmed in Istria. Customs, beliefs, habitat, moments of history – all familiar to us from our childhood – will be shown through four stories that we bring on Thursday, 27th of April.

The program starts at 5 PM with Dragan Hunt, directed by Alesandra Tatić and Eluned Zoe Aiano, produced by Ethnographic Museum of Istra. The film explores the conflicts between nature and industry, tradition and modernity, focussing on the family of Dragan Marković, a miner by day, but a dragon hunter by night.

At 6:30 PM we have a premiere of Kontraband by Viviana Brkarić. The story of contraband is brought to us by narrators, some of whom had personal experience of the times when the local community saw an opportunity for survival in smuggling merchandise from the duty-free zone in the Kvarner province.

After the official Festival opening at 7:30 PM, we will show two movies. You will have the chance to see Od Kršana do Peroja by Igor Bezinović. A short documentary inspired by “Istarski bordel muza” – a colourful narrative that sprouts from folk roots of people of rural Istria – written by Drago Orlić. Followed by Je letrika ubila štrige? by Cristian Criss Kolacio and Viviana Brkarić. It is a docudrama in which narrators from all parts of the Istrian peninsula, in their authentic dialect, introduce us to the magical world of a less known, mystical Istria.

We invite you to be a part of the discussions with authors, right after the screenings.

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