Published by: ETNOFILm , 28.04.2017.

The opening day of ETNOFILm festival

The 9th edition of ETNOFILm started yesterday with Istrian Film Day, organized in cooperation with IKA. 

The program was opened with Dragan hunt, from authors Alesandra Tatić and Eluned Zoe Aiano. This is the first film coproduced by Ethnographic Museum of Istria. The premiere of Kontraband brought numerous audince and actors from the documentary, raising the atmosphere in MMC. Viviana Brkarić and Valter Stojšić were also there to introduce their work, in their own words, after the screening. The short Od Kršana do Peroja, dedicated to local erotic poetry, brought extra laughter in the room, and the film program finished with Je letrika ubila štrige? by authors Cristian Criss Kolacio and Viviana Brkarić. The evening ended in Cinema caffe Rovinj, with all our guests and festival crew.

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